The news of our Adventures!

The news of our Adventures! DeepNGeek
2020-05-08 11:08:47

What if our story could be told to you in real time? Yep, this is where it happens!

Launch of our site! DeepNGeek

Launch of our site!

The big day of the publication of the site has finally arrived!

After the publication of the facebook page with the official announcement of the project, here is finally the website!

Well .. It's not finished yet, obviously, we are missing a lot of little things like .... THE TOYS precisely ahah

But we are not...

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We NEED you! (investigation questionnaire) DeepNGeek

We NEED you! (investigation questionnaire)

Today we need you!

To make toys that you like, we first need to know what you like. (Logical until then, you would say to me.)

So, we make a little questionnaire which I put you the link here.

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