Today we need you!

To make toys that you like, we first need to know what you like. (Logical until then, you would say to me.)

So, we make a little questionnaire which I put you the link here.

Pop Culture and Sexuality

It is not very long (about 5min) but it will be very useful for us to better target your desires and needs ;)

And little bonus, there is even a way to tell us your favorite universe and who knows, maybe it will be part of the launch collection :P

Do not hesitate to share it around you, to send it in missives in Far Far Away lands (it is also written in English and French, eh! We think of everything!) And even to share it on your social networks!

Speaking of social networks, we also have an Instagram whose link is available in the info bar, at the top of the site, with the Facebook link, but for lazy people (I heard you, basically there!) , here is the direct link: Instagram

In advance, a huge thank you!

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Have a good day,

- Your devoted Palalol, Aaricia -