Eveil des Inconsciences

Éveil des Inconsciences was created in 2010 in the Bordeaux region to offer original BDSM events combining both passion and discovery. Over time, munchies, shibari workshops and themed evenings have emerged, nomads, awakening activities took place in various places.

In 2016, the House of Sighs opened its doors, the desire to have a place where everything was possible, a place in the image of Awakening has finally been satisfied.

The watchwords of the House are respect, kindness and openness, among others, everyone is welcome from the moment these concepts are respected. Many events are organized throughout the year and La Maison des Soupirs is also a Donjon d'Hôtes which welcomes you for an afternoon, an evening, a night, etc...

Other projects are underway, the universe of BDSM is vast and inspiring, next moment to remember, The Donjon Nomade in 2021, but let's keep a little suspense and let your curiosity awaken ...

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Eveil des Inconsciences's WebSite

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