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Hololatex|Hugo, Kameko
Hololatex|Hugo, Kameko

Hololatex is a small Czech latex outfit creation workshop!

We are Hugo and Kameko. We are Hololatex, a small Czech workshop of handmade latex outfits and fashion accessories. We offer a personalized order service, tailor-made as well as the manufacture of latex products of different sizes. We both studied fashion, which is also our passion. We therefore guarantee that each of our products is therefore of professional quality to which we pay particular attention to detail and precision.

We are breaking the rules, changing the way we look at latex and bringing the accessories and outfits of this material into everyday life. We offer modern and extravagant fashion for people who are confident, like to be the center of attention and are not afraid to wear something unconventional sometimes.

We turn your dreams into reality and always do our best to create a garment for you, which not only matches your desires but also makes you feel good while wearing it.


Some products:

Post on : nov. 3, 2020
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Author : Aaricia Corbal

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